ISIS Piggybacks Off Of Las Vegas Massacre; Claims Responsibility For Turning Shooter To Islam

Everyone on the ground was sitting ducks and that just saddened me and made me angry at the same time.

ISIS claims Stephen Paddock, the man who killed over 50 Americans and injured over 200 more converted to Islam months ago as they claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting.

Please, ISIS would claim responsibility for me having an acne rash if they could.
I’m not downplaying them as a threat, but they claim responsibility for everything that happens, to the point of wondering if they really are responsible or they just need some hugs and attention.

This is crazy, if true. What does this event have to do with ISIS? They hate country music or the band or just targeting any random events? All events are now gonna be under heavy security and that might mean nothing if the attackers can attack from afar.
It’s one thing to say I want my guns to protect myself but, what gun can protect you from this? Everyone on the ground was sitting ducks and that just saddened me and made me angry at the same time.

ISIS is trying to raise their footprint in the world and it would make sense they choose to claim responsibility.Evil is evil no other label call what you will but now let’s unite as Americans hit the streets with a show of unified support God Bless the victims.
This very well might be the act of a madman lacking a political agenda, religious or racist motivation. It’s way too early to be branding it this or that. Wait to see what the investigators will uncover before committing yourself to a specific belief.
This only shows that no matter what laws are on the books, what religion or skin affiliation you are or even if you use social media or not. Nothing can really protect you when someone snaps.
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Mike Williams

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