Horror In New York City – ISIS Launches Terror In Attack In New York!

Ever since Trump signed his travel ban executive orders liberals say that it was a mistake because Muslims do not represent danger for the United States. However the facts say the opposite.
Some Muslims in New York City were exposed that they were connected with the Islamic State and planned to make a bomb attack. Munther Omar Saleh and Fareed Mumuni were providing support to ISIS and they attacked federal officers.
Mumuni was also found guilty of attempting to kill a federal officer by stabbing him with a knife. FBI stated that they got a warrant for his search.

William F. Sweeney from FBI said: Today’s guilty pleas show just how close the threat of homegrown terrorism exists for New York City. From their respective homes in Queens and Staten Island, Saleh and Mumuni conspired to place a pressure cooker bomb in the New York metro area on behalf of ISIL.
Mumuni even attacked an FBI agent when a court-authorized search was being conducted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force at his home in Staten Island. Threats like these are exactly why protecting the United States from a terrorist attack remains the FBI’s No.1 Priority.
During his arrest Mumuni stabbed an FBI agent numerous times, but thankfully the agent’s body armor protected him from the defendant’s attack and the defendant was safely apprehended by law enforcement.
The two Muslims’s plan was to set some bombs at tourist attractions in New York. Pressure Cooker bombs were known to be used in the Boston Marathon in 2013.
New York Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said: Saleh and Mumuni engaged in plotting attacks against New York City in the name of ISIL. They received instructions from senior ISIL leaders in Syria. They were committed to violence.
I think this is more than enough evidence to show why Trump signed this executive order? Are you convinced?

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Mike Williams

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