700 Muslim Refugees In Several States Just Fled, All With One HORRIFYING Thing In Common


America was built on immigration, and that is not a myth. People from around the world came to this country in order to build a better life for themselves. These immigrants were proud to become Americans and were more than happy to call the United States home. However, what we are seeing today is a far cry from our ancestor’s. ICE raids are being conducted and illegals are being deported at record rates thanks to Donald Trump’s tough policies. Now, Muslim refugees are leaving the country voluntarily, and while that does give us a reason to cheer just wait till you find out why.
In 2004, Canada signed a deal with the United States that was called, Canada-U.S Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA). It means that if people apply for asylum at a U.S-Canada border crossing, Canada will return them to the US, as the US is considered a “safe country.”
However, America is no longer considered a “safe place” at this time according to Canadians and liberals. In fact, Canadians are in favor of overturning this policy, but as of now it still stands.

Of course, this is all insanity if you ask me. The reason that these refugees are leaving is not because they feel unsafe, but that their benefits are ending. These people have no desire to come to this country and assimilate to our culture at all. All they want is the free money and housing off the backs of hard working American’s. There is a simple solution to the immigration crisis, cut off all welfare programs for everyone.
There is no reason that we should be paying for everyone in the world. If they truly want to make America their home then do it the right way. These refugees and illegals just want to drain the economy and our culture.
It is time, that these people leave the country or become a citizen. There is no in between anymore, and that is just how it has to be.

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Mike Williams

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