Video: This Cat Came In With A Swollen Nose. The Vet Finds A Nightmare Living Inside

Whether you have a baby or a young pet, you know how terrifying it is when they get sick. Because these young beings are unable to communicate, we don’t always know what is wrong. Often the best course of action you can take as their caretaker is to take them to the hospital, pronto!
That’s exactly what these Nebraska-based owners of the little kitten in the video did. After the young animal got a terribly swollen nose, they didn’t know what to do about it. So they brought the young cat to the local veterinarian, but no one was prepared for the truth behind this little kitten’s sickness…

When the owners took their kitten to Dr. Farrington, the vet was forced to check inside the cat’s nose. And that’s where he found the nightmare growing inside.
It wasn’t a tumor or some kind of disease, a huge bug was growing inside the kitten’s nostril. It is called a cuterebra larva which is a parasite that infests small animals when they spend a lot of time outside.
Apparently, the little kitten had an open wound on her nose which would have left her vulnerable to the destructive parasite that ended up calling her face its new home.

Fortunately, the cuterebra larva was removed before it could cause lasting damage. Now the kitten is expected to make a full recovery and lead a normal life as it should.


When the family brought the kitten in to Dr. Farrington, he admitted that there was no choice but to operate on the animal’s nose. The doctor could not even use a sedative on the kitten because that might be too strong for the tiny animal and accidentally stop the kitten’s heart.
The family knew they couldn’t risk losing their kitten in the operation, so they opted not to use any anesthesia. While the surgery was challenging and painful for the kitten, clearly it worked out for the best and now the animal is parasite free, which is definitely the way to be.
In the 46-second video below, you’ll watch as the vet reaches a tool into the kitten’s nose and starts to pull out the large parasite living in there. The kitten is in pain as the larva is removed from its nose.

But when you see what comes out, you’ll realize why it was all worth it.

“Poor baby kitten. That is huge!” the family filming the video say when they see the creature pulled out of the cat’s nose.
When the camera pans back to the cat, you can see that the kitten’s nostril is stretched out because the large larvae was living in there. That will return to normal in time and the cat will go on to live a healthy life. It probably feels much better having the parasite taken out of its nose.
Are you glad they caught the parasite in time and were able to remove it?
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