Dad Opens His Giant Christmas Present, But Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Sees His Daughter Inside!

For many people, Christmas time is family time. It’s the one celebration of the year that we all try to get together with our loved ones, catching up on each other’s lives and feasting on a delicious home cooked meal.
I consider myself very lucky to have most of my family living nearby so getting together is fairly easy. But not everyone has that sort of luxury. Careers, military duties, and new relationships are among the many reasons that can cause people to leave “home” for an extended period or even plant their roots elsewhere.
So it’s no secret that Christmas time is one of the busiest times of the year to travel. But sadly, not everyone is able to make this journey to be close with their family.
Terra Casey and her father live on opposite sides of the country and for most of their lives, spending Christmas together hasn’t been easy. Although they do manage to see each other several times throughout the year, they haven’t spent a single Christmas together in 25 years–when Terra was only four years old!

But enough was enough for Terra, who decided to give her father a wonderful surprise visit. Terra wanted Dad to believe that this Christmas would be the same as usual, so she texted him a view from her apartment before hiding inside a giant gift box.
Dad had no idea that she was inside so when he finally opened his enormous gift, he couldn’t believe his eyes! His genuine reaction is so very heartwarming!
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