Oil Pipeline On Native American Reservation In North Dakota Spills 1,000,000 Gallons of Fluid

A million gallons of saltwater and an unknown quantity of crude oil have leaked from a North Dakota pipeline into a creek that feeds the Missouri River.
The spill the largest in Minnesota’s history was on Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation land approximately 15 miles north of Williston, North Dakota.The leak comes from a saltwater collection line owned by Summit Midstream Partners LP. The saltwater is a byproduct of the hydraulic fracturing process.
The Saltwater is usually filtered and re-injected back into the earth after the oil is extracted.
Williston is considered a center of the oil boom in the state of North Dakota.

Chairman Tex Hall told Indianz.com that the spill has been isolated and contained. A quantity of 1 million gallons of the liquid entered Bear Den Bay, which leads into Lake Sakakawea, a source of drinking water on the reservation.
The salt water that leaked into a creek also passes by Williston will flow into the Missouri River and contaminated fresh water for the reservation and surrounding areas. Summit has hired environmentalcontractors to clean up the spill. About 2 million gallons of water have been pulled so far from one of the affected creeks.
America’s culture of Fossil Fuels and obstinate individualism keeps this country chained to getting oil by any means necessary. To get the oil we have invaded and bombed countries.
Installed and supported Dictators and Despots. American corporations have built pipelines through the poorest of lands and exploiting the poorest of people.
Unless we unchain ourselves from fossil fuel and make solar and wind a reality, we are heading for a tipping point we might have already passed

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Mike Williams

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