26 Pictures Of The Universe That Will Make You Feel Really, Really Small

It’s important to pull back and remember where you really live and the bigger picture of your existence. Whether you live down the street from a mundane series of strip malls, on the edge of a poverty stricken ghetto, or off Rodeo Drive amidst ridiculous propagated wealth, you really live in a stunning awe-inspiring planet within a crazy fantastic universe surrounding it! Strip malls come and go but the universe remains and provides a greater perspective of existence overall.
Check out these stunning images of what you are truly surrounded by, and who your neighbors really are!

1. This crazy blue marble.

2. Meet the neighbors.

3. The distance, to scale, between the earth and the moon. It doesn’t look like all that much, does it?

4. Nope. In that space, you could fit every planet in the solar system. Crazy, right?

5. And keep in mind, we’re the tiny planet. That green smudge is what North America would look like on Jupiter.

6. You could fit six Earths in Saturn and still have room.

7. Here’s what Saturn’s rings would look like if they were around Earth.

8. We just landed a probe on a comet. Just for good measure, here’s what it looks like, compared with Los Angeles.

9. And to keep in mind how huge our sun is…

10. The view from the moon.

11. And the view from Mars.


12. We’re just a little blue dot from Saturn.

13. And we are super unimpressive from Neptune.

14. The view of the Earth against the sun is intense– the whole sun doesn’t even fit in the photo.

15. Here is how the sun looks from Mars. I have to say, our sunsets are prettier.

16. Hard to wrap your mind around the fact that there are more stars in space than grains of sand on every beach on Earth.

17. And our huge sun? It looks pretty wimpy in contrast to the other stars.

18. Here is the VY Canis Majoris. It’s a billion times bigger than our sun. Literally.

19. And if you shrank the sun down to the size of a white blood cell and shrank the Milky Way galaxy to the same scale, the Milky Way would be the size of the United States.

20. Here’s the “you are here” pin from the Milky Way.

21. And this is as much as we can even see of it.

22. To top it off, the Milky Way is a relatively small galaxy compared to IC 1011, 350 million light years away from Earth.

23. Just in this Hubble telescope photo, there are thousands of galaxies, each containing planets and millions of stars.


24. Here’s the UDF 423 galaxy, 10 billion light years away from earth. You are looking billions of years into the past in this photo.

25. And it’s just a small fraction of the night sky.

26. And to keep it creepy, here’s the Earth’s orbit compared to a black hole.

27. So it puts your struggles in perspective. This is your home.

28. Not so big anymore, huh?

29. Beautiful night in the neighborhood.

30. Even farther out.

31. And the cluster of other galaxies.

32. Zooming out to the Virgo Supercluster.

33. And even more.

34. Here we are. The observable universe.

Credit: BuzzFeed , Wimp

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