She Was Suspicious Of What Her Husband Was Doing With Their Dog. So She Hid A Camera And… LOL!

Ah, who doesn’t love dogs? They say dogs are man’s (and women’s of course) best friend, and for good reason. Dogs are loyal companions and stand by us in all occasions. Dogs selflessly help the blind get to where they need to go, help the police in dangerous situations and even help detect sketchy characters in airports. But not only do they help us in official occasions, but they also have a nose for danger and  protect us when they think someone might want to hurt us, even without any training.
Dogs not only help us, but they also just love hanging out with us, cuddling us and they are just plane best friends with us. So what happens when we really really love our dogs? Well, the following video shows exactly this.

So did you ever wonder what do people do with their dogs when nobody else is around? Well, I know what I do and you know what you do. My guess is that you treat your dog as a human, even more so than usual. Now you may not think twice about it at the time but if someone were to walk in on you, it would probably be pretty hilarious. Or… hilariously awesome? You better believe it.
The video you are about to see will answer this question perfectly. A man was hanging out with his dog on the couch, listening to some tunes when his wife came into the house and captured this incredible scene. I don’t want to spoil it for you but it is quite amazing and hilarious. Check it out and let us know what you think.

I can literally put this video on loop and watch it all day long. It just puts such a huge smile on my face!

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