This Boy Finds Six Big “Rats” Behind A Church. One Year Later They Look Completely Different. Share On Facebook

His name is Ken and he is 11-years-old. He lives in the Philippines and he has become a hero for founding his own animal shelter! At the time, he was only 8! He named it The Happy Animals Club and ever since the project was launched, dozens of animals have been adopted into the shelter and all around the world he has been receiving support.

Usually Ken has to nurse the dogs which arrive at his shelter, back to health as they are starved and very scared.
Hyena is one example of the type of dog that Ken takes in. She was very scared and very unhealthy.
Now she is totally different! After Ken’s care, Hyena is now a friendly beauty!

He also takes in cats. One such cat is named Ceiling, and when he arrived he was drenched in fleas and very dirty, not to mention extremely hungry.
Ken cleaned him up and nursed the once ailing cat back to health.
Six puppies arrived in December of 2014 and they were in horrible shape. Matter of fact, one could ask if they were even dogs at all. They actually resembled huge rats at this stage of their terrible condition.
Ken took them in and began feeding them and putting them on meds. These guys were practically furless and nobody wanted to touch them. Nevertheless, Ken cared for them and their health improved. They were a clever bunch, and Ken decided to give them names of scientists.

For instance, one doggy scientists was Bohr, named after Niels Bohr.
Einstein is the one who always sticks his tongue out.
Then we have Newton. A sweet and calming pup.
Might be the smallest of the group, but Pascal the casanova is indeed very affectionate.
The happy Planck was actually a girl! But the name remained!
Of course the most clever of the group is named Tesla. He could actually bust out of the most secure pen they had, and Ken realized he needed to keep this one very busy with activity!
From all over the world people are supporting Ken and his amazing efforts to rescue animals off the streets, giving them better homes, while providing safety and comfort to the helpless animals. There are now 40 animals living at The Happy Animals Club. Many volunteers help out to maintain it.
What an amazing 11-year-old kid! Share his remarkable efforts with all of your animal loving friends and family. Hopefully he can become even more recognized and more support will come his way so he can really thrive and save more animals!


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