He Tells His Bird It’s Time To Go In The Cage. The Bird’s Response? Hilarious!

If you want a loud bird, go with the Cockatoo. It’s about the loudest animal there is and their voices can sound as shrilling as they get.

They evolved this way as part of a communication mechanism, and part survival. No doubt their shrill would scare away many prey! These guys are super smart as well. They not only enjoy yelling, but they enjoy talking as they can easily pick up human words and do an incredible job at repeating them. So you have to be careful about what you say around these guys. They are still screamers, so if you are dropping F-bombs left and right, you could have the neighbors calling the cops in the middle of the night due to some foul mouthed-irate behavior going on in your home! Here we have Pebbles.

She’s one of those birds who has a very dirty mouth as her owners likely swore like sailors around her. Matter of fact, she is a rescue who has lived in 10 different homes over the course of 20 years! So you can only imagine the range of vocabulary that she has picked up. Here Pebbles has been out of her cage, and now it is time to go back in. But she does not want to and she is going to verbally tell you exactly that! Talk about a freak out. This diva is not having any of it! She goes into a tirade which ranges from swearing to a sudden appreciation for rock and roll music. Yes, at one point it actually sounds as if she says:
“I just like rock and roll.”
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Mike Williams

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