Dog Runs Away From Home Every Day. When Mom Figures Out Where She Goes, She’s In Tears…

Saki was a stray German Shepherd puppy when she was rescued from the streets. At a young age, she was chosen for training by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (NDSDF). Saki would eventually be part of a dog team that searches for people lost after natural and manmade disasters. Indeed, this wonderful canine was destined for great things!
While waiting for her search and rescue training to begin, Saki was placed in a temporary home where she lived with Dennie Fiddler. Everything was fine with this arrangement but after about two weeks, Dennie started to notice some very unusual behaviour from Saki… and that’s when Saki escaped from the yard and ran away. But just where did Saki go? When Dennie figured out where Saki had gone, she couldn’t believe what she was actually doing.

Saki had gone straight to their neighbours, the Morgan family, and he immediately began bonding with a young boy named Danny. Danny had developmental delays, only being able to speak in sentence fragments and having difficulty with his motor skills. But after meeting Saki, Danny’s life changed forever. It was as though fate had brought the pair together. Incredibly, Danny began forming complete sentences, with his first one being “I am Saki’s dad.” Danny also began improving his motor skills, being able to throw a ball straight so that he could play fetch with Saki. Saki gave Danny a huge boost in confidence!
The two were practically inseparable however the reality was that Saki was still supposed to go to training to become a search and rescue dog. The Morgan family begged the NDSDF to let them keep Saki but the organization was extremely reluctant. “We’re talking about one child versus God knows how many,” they said. But after members of the foundation finally met Danny and Saki together, they knew within minutes that Saki had already accomplished her life’s mission.
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