Sprinkle THIS Spice Around Your Home & You Will Never See Another Ant Again


Use cinnamon as natural ant repellent for your house

Ants are one of the most persistent insects, making it hard to exterminate. Even though chemical treatments might be a pretty obvious choice against ants, it is not 100% effective and it can affect your health and your pet’s even more so.

There a couple of things that are not common information but you would want to be aware of:

You have a couple more options to use as ant repellent than just expensive and unhealthy treatments, which can cause you several medical issues.
One particular is really easy to find right in your kitchen.
Dealing with ants might not make you think of cinnamon immediately as an ant repellent. People have already grasped the benefits of cinnamon, but ants are quite perplexed by it.
The basis of them being perplexed comes from the effect that cinnamon has on their pheromone trails, which is basically their dominant form of communication, so that makes cinnamon quite the ant repellent.
Ants have a really developed sense of smell for them, and they use it to navigate themselves throughout various environments.
It makes you think that yes, you have never noticed any special smell around ants, even though you have seen a lot of them close around you.
The thing is, we can’t notice the smell of the pheromones coming from ants, due to the fact that it’s undetectable to us. Ants have the ability to detect micro smells. This is explains the fact that if ants can pick up such smells, cinnamon has a super effect on them.

The strong smell of cinnamon throws their navigation off balance and confuses them completely. All of that comes with the benefits of making your house smell like the winter holidays.
What to do exactly.
It is a really simple process. All you need is powdered cinnamon and sprinkle it in all the places you see ants in your house. They usually appear around windows, corners and cracks, maybe garbage disposals and such. Other cinnamon method to use as an ant repellent is to find cinnamon essential oil. You can cover the crack and doorways around your house using a Q-tip.
Here’s a video to show you the simple process already happening.

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