If Your Clothes Smell Like Mildew, DON’T Get A New Washing Machine… Learn THIS Trick Instead!

Well, this is pretty gosh darn disturbing… mold in your washing machine!? You’d think that a machine designed for cleaning would be, well, clean. But apparently, mold can thrive in many front-load washing machines, leading to mold spores all over your laundry. That’s totally gross and not good, especially for allergy sufferers.
It has become such a widespread problem that a lawsuit was even launched against some of the biggest names in appliances (see the video at the bottom of this story). But fortunately, there’s something you can do about your nasty washing machine right away. Thanks to the folks at Clean and Scentsible, we have a great trick to help rid your machine of that nasty stuff with just two ingredients!
Ugh… look how gross that is. Washing machines can be complicated beasts that are often best left to the professionals to fix. Of course, hiring the pros and any replacement parts isn’t always cheap, so sometimes people just end up buying a new machine.
But check this out… to get your washing machine in like-new condition, all you’ll need is 16 ounces of white vinegar and some Clorox bleach… but WARNING: DO NOT MIX THE TWO INGREDIENTS TOGETHER! Combined, they become highly toxic and poisonous! We’ll be using them separately…

Mix the bleach with an equal amount of warm water. Soak a rag with this mixture and then wipe down all the accessible parts, including the area hidden below the rubber seal. If an area is tough to scrub, leave the soaked rag or towel on it for 30 minutes to kill off any mildew. Once you’re finished, run the washing machine (empty) on the hottest cycle available to rinse out the bleach.
Once that’s completed, add 16 ounces of vinegar to your machine and run it again on the highest temperature possible. And you’re done! It doesn’t get much easier and cheaper than that!

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