If You See One Of These Hooks In A Public Washroom, Call The Police Immediately!

I remember when I got my first ever digital camera. It was a pretty big deal because it was at a time when film cameras were still the norm (and no, there was no such things as camera phones). It cost me a small fortune, it was big and clunky, it had a slow and cumbersome interface, and the photo quality was relatively poor. But it didn’t take long before my digital camera became obsolete. Digital camera technology seemed to advance at a blinding speed, with cameras becoming less expensive, smaller, and better at producing superb quality images. These days, most people don’t even bother getting a digital camera because they’re already integrated into smart phones!
But sadly, there’s a downside to all this progress in technology. The miniaturization of cameras has made it possible for some criminals to use them for very sinister purposes.

CBS Miami has reported that spy cameras have been discovered in the stalls of women’s public restrooms. The spy cameras were hidden inside very innocent looking clothing hooks. The report shows you what the hooks look like, and if you look carefully you’ll notice a small hole near the top. This hole is where the camera lens is located.
The Florida police are still investigating the matter and collecting forensic evidence from several park bathrooms. Although this report is specific to the Miami area, we should all be made aware of this danger and be vigilant. If you spot one of these, report it to the police immediately.
Watch the video below for the full details and please share this with your family and friends to protect our privacy!


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