Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!

An online warning states that using a cell phone while charging is dangerous due to increased radiation and potential for explosion or electrocution. Is this true or false?
Social media message claims that a boy died in Mumbai because he took a call while his mobile phone was charging.
The message also claims that people should not make or answer calls when a mobile phone’s battery is low because the radiation is 1000 times stronger.
The photograph composition above has been circled with this story.
The boy in the real incident, however, did not die, and his injuries likely occurred due to the non-approved Chinese-made cell phone he was using.
There is a notice in Samsung telephones that non-endorsed chargers can bring about flame or harm.

In this way, the occurrences you can read about on the web have not happened because of expanded radiation.
Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!
Additionally, a low battery can’t be the reason for expanded cell radiation.
Every year there are a small number cell-related deaths and injuries reported in the news.

HISTORY: Recent Cell Phone Electrocutions

JULY 2015: Student burned by exploding charger
“I was charging my EE power bar through my Mac computer overnight and at I was woken up by something which sounded like a firework around 1am,” she said. “The power bar had exploded up the wall and flames began spreading around my bedroom.”
JUNE 2014: Woman’s death blamed on cheap USB mobile charger
An Australian woman was found deceased with burns on her chest and ears.
“The phone was also plugged into a USB-style charger. That charger had failed. Somehow power from that charger has connected to her body. Whether she had it (the phone) to her ear or was holding it in her hand, we don’t know” – noted Lynelle Collins from the Department of Fair Trading.
“Avoid using mobile phones while charging, and to avoid using non-approved chargers” – she recommended.
NOVEMBER 2013: Thai man dies from alleged electrocutionwhile charging iPhone
AppleInsider reported in November 2013 of a 28-year old Thai man who was reportedly killed while lying shirtless on an iPhone 4s which was charging with a “knockoff third-party” charger.
The man’s father found him dead, with scorch marks on his chest. The cause of death was suspected to be electrocution.
There have been reports of deaths associated with using a plugged-in phone while bathing, which is dangerous.
Finally, none of the recent incidents resulted from increased radiation, as the narrative in circulation claims, nor would a low battery be the cause for increased cell radiation.

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