The innocent face of tragedy colombia Volcano Eruption, Awful incident that felt everyone in the world

In 1985 Dell Raice Volcano of Colombia erupted accidentally Twenty millions of people died because of the lava and much flowed down from the volcano 

Today I am going to tell you the most awful incident which related to that burst 

She is Omaria Sanchez...... She is 13. she has blocked between the layers of mud and larva . hundreds of people tried to rescue her. But Unfortunately they couldn't 

After 3 Days her eyes swelled and become black. on the day of her death She asked from a reporter of a T.V channel 

Girl : From witch channel are you..?

Reporter : We are from _______Channel, But hold on, they are take you out of here

Girl : I want to say some words, can I?

 Reporter : Yes you can
(She released her last words this universe )

My dear Mom, do you hear me ? I think you do Please pray for me my dear mom , pray for me so that I could walk as earlier, Pray for the people so that they get strength to rescue me, My dear mom I love you ,dad, brother HAPPY JOURNEY MOM "

After three dreadful days this rose bud died with the pain 

We wish not to happen such a disaster to any one

Video source: Riosucio11

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