Mysterious shadow figure walking on clouds captured by plane passenge

A Plane passenger Nick O’Donoghue, 30, took an astonishing picture flying from Austria to London Gatwick. The EasyJet aircraft was flying at more than 9,000 meters, and O’Donoghue managed to capture images of this mysterious creature, which he jokingly said ‘resembles the Michelin Man’.
“I was flying back from a work ski trip in Austria, I was on the window seat with two work colleges beside me. They were talking like crazy and I was gazing out the window, as you do. I could see this figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer this shape appeared,” O’Donoghue told the Daily Mail. He then asked the other passengers if they could see it too, in order to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating, and they were also amazed at what they saw. “I then took some pictures and then the aircraft slowly passed it. It was in view for about two minutes as it was a good bit away in the distance. To me it looked like the Michelin man but to be honest I have no idea what it was.”
O’Donoghue’s photos of the mysterious giant walking on clouds are now all over the internet yielding several theories: some say it is an alien, an optical illusion, or even an image of David Bowie (who passed away last weekend) going to heaven. The photo has been proven to be real, and there’s no Photoshop involved, but the explanation of the image could be quite simple (and let’s face it, even a little disappointing).
gigante4 [Image source: Reddit]
This bizarre cloud formation is nothing but a cooling tower condensation cloud. Mick West from Metabunk, studied the route of this specific flight and concluded that the picture was probably taken above Doel power station in Belgium, or the Großkrotzenburg power plant in Germany. According to West, both plants are in the EasyJet route between Ireland and Austria!
20160116-211304-0518p [Image source: michi.p on Flickr]


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