Millions Swear by it: Magical Winter Drink with Cinnamon That Melts Pounds!

Is there a drink that burns hundreds of calories while you sit and read a book? Yes, there is and millions of people swear by it!

Oh yes, it is quite possible if you make the most of the healing properties of cinnamon and honey.

Although you are probably well aware of the separate effects of cinnamon and honey, there are few who know that the combination of these two ingredients speeds up metabolism and helps to reduce overweight.

  • two tablespoons of honey
  • a tablespoon of cinnamon,
  • 250 ml of water.
The recommended amount can vary, but it is important to always use two measures of honey and one of cinnamon. Prepare as many drinks as you believe that you need.


  • Boil water and pour it over the cinnamon, cover it and let it cool.
  • When the beverage I chilled add the honey.
  • Drink half before bed, and the other half in the morning before a meal.

The formula works only on an empty stomach !

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Mike Williams

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