How to DIY Natural Teeth Whitening in 3 Minutes at Home

Who wants a “Hollywood smile?” Everyone does, right?  Well, that has never been impossible. Many of us in order to have a perfect smile have tried many different treatments, from dentist’s procedures to many medical instruments which cost money, a lot of money.
The question is: why exposing yourself and your dental health on a pain and unhealthy treatments when you can have the same effect and even better, naturally?
First of all, we will let you know about the foods and drinks that cause discoloration of your teeth:
Soft drinks all together with the carbonated
If you consider that one of these is your cause for discolored teeth than first step is to avoid them.
We will present you a very natural and homemade trick for super white teeth.
You are going to need only to ingredients that every household has.
Needed ingredients:
Baking soda;
Lime/Lemon or water;
From these ingredients make a paste and use it once a week, do not over do it because it might lead to weakening of your tooth enamel. Try this method for several weeks and see how it works.

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Mike Williams

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