What He Found inside His Dying Wife’s Secret Box Is Incredible. But Why It Was There Is Even Better.

When she was taken ill and hospitalized, she told her husband they hadn't just gotten along by chance, but that there was a hidden reason for that.

Many couples develop methods or 'tricks' to keep their relationship strong, but her trick may be the best one yet. Before getting married, her grandmother had told her that the best way to have a happy marriage is not to argue. And it worked just fine!

They had been very open and honest and had shared everything, except her secret box. She kept this box at the top of her closet and he was not allowed to look at what was inside. But now, with his wife's blessing, he decided it was time to take a look.

What he found was two crochet dolls, and $95,000 in cash. She told him that they had never fought because every time she was mad at him she crocheted a doll.

He was visibly moved, she had only knitted two dolls. “That explains the dolls, but what about the money? Where did it all come from?” he asked. “Oh,” she said, “that’s the money I made from selling the other dolls.”

She sure was angry a lot, but instead of arguing with her husband, she turned her anger into money. And the marriage worked just fine!

Source: likes.com

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